Richard Kilpatrick

Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Councillor for Didsbury West

Richard Kilpatrick was elected in 2018 as one of the Liberal Democrat Councillors for Didsbury West.

Aged just 26, Richard Kilpatrick has already dedicated his working life to public service. He grew up in Middlesborough and was taught at a state school before heading to University. Richard went on to teach history and politics at a sixth form college in Yorkshire before moving to Manchester to campaign for the Liberal Democrats and the fairer society he believed.

Since his election, Richard has campaign in favour of affordable housing, action on homelessness in the city and investment in early years education, having seen the profound effect it can have on young people's lives.

Having lived his whole life in the North, he has become a keen campaigner in favour of devolution and an economic strategy that works for the North of England.

He campaigned to remain during the EU referendum and is passionate about securing a People's Vote to ensure that the people of Manchester get the final say on any Brexit deal.


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