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April Preston grew up in Manchester where she studied at Manchester Metropolitan university to complete a masters at the University of Manchester.

April was looked after by the local authority and left care at the age of 16 when she lived independently moving to Ladybarn. It was from here that she started her first fundraiser for Christies Hospital with the help of John Leech, prior to him being an MP.

April wrote for numerous music fanzines, Dj'd and hosted charitable fundraising club nights, favouring New Wave bands and local artists whilst being part of a few bands on the local circuit herself. The funds raised went to local campaigns and charities. She has appeared on a number of indiepop compilations and to this day attends Manchester music events.

At the age of 14 she marched against the Section 28 bill, and her activism certainly hasn't gone anywhere! She protested the Iraq war and still lobbies the Government to release the Chilcot inquiry, to protect online/civil rights and supports the party in introducing the "digital bill of rights". She now lives in Old Moat where she is regularly asked to attend residents' meetings, campaign on local issues as well as individually helping people by completing casework.

Due to her fight to get on in life she dedicates herself to fighting social injustices, fighting discrimination and wishes to end the current one party state in Manchester.

Becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of work being done by Manchester Council she decided to step in and do something about it; organising and taking part in countless community cleanups, charity events, fundraisers, taking on hundreds of pieces of casework and fighting for Old Moat residents day-in, day-out.

April says "As a vulnerable young person who was looked after by the council, I could see the lack of services back then and I see it repeating again 15 years on. As a mother and as a resident I will endeavour to be heard. In a forward thinking progressive city we should have the vulnerable ring fenced and not sidelined."

April has become a key member of the Manchester Liberal Democrats and will stand in Old Moat ward in the 2016 local elections.

She offers a real alternative to the complacent Labour one party state.

An alternative that is hard-working, dedicated, approachable and personable.

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