A historic celebration for the Queen

Today is Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee highlighting 60 years of service to the United Kingdom. Her great-great grandmother Victoria is the only other monarch to have reached this great mile stone in British History.

 Although it is a great celebration, it is also a reflective day for the Queen which also marks the death of her father George VI. The Queen has said she was “deeply” moved by the support received of the Diamond Jubilee and pledged in her speech “I dedicate myself anew to your service” echoing a pledge she first made at the age of 21.

 The Queen is spending her day at two public engagements in Norfolk unlike previous years when she spent the day in private.

 I’m sure you would all like to join me whether a monarchy supporter or not, in congratulating her on a historic milestone as our Queen.

As some of you may know, the Queens Diamond Jubilee is not the only anniversary today.

 The Munich disaster was a shocking tragedy to any football supporter following the deaths of 7 Manchester United players, after a plane carrying them from Munich over slipped the runway and burst into flames. May they all be remembered.

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