"Mahoro Must Stay" Campaign

I have been involved for a long time in the campaign to allow Adela Mahoro Mugabo to stay in Britain. She is an asylum seeker from Rwanda who is HIV positive, and would be unable to access life-saving drugs if she was deported back to Rwanda. I've raised the issue at Prime Minister's Questions,  I've had a meeting with Phil Woolas, the Immigration Minister, and I've submitted a petition on the floor of the House. Unfortunately she still faces the threat of deportation but surely Adela's is exactly the type of case that the asylum system was designed for?

Campaigners have continued to collect signatures to support her claim, and this morning I was presented with a further 1300 signatures, which I will submit next week.

Adela has also made a video, 'Put Yourself in my Shoes', of her experiences in the UK as an asylum seeker. It was made in conjuction with the African HIV Policy Network.

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