"Johnson's hateful Government" responsible for shocking UC tapes about claimants

Responding to the shocking comments made by DWP staff about Universal Credit claimants, the Liberal Democrats have blamed "Boris Johnson’s hateful Tory Government" for promoting hateful language.

Benefits managers have been caught on tape making horrifying comments about claimants including blowing them up with a grenade and “faking it", according to the Mirror on Sunday.

In one conversation a manager says: “The police sometimes have sting operations where they gather people together. We should nominate one person to throw a grenade in.”

One said they “have absolutely no time” for claimants with depression and anxiety.

The Liberal Democrats have blamed "Boris Johnson’s hateful Tory Government" for "actively promoting cruel language."

Liberal Democrat John Leech voted against the Welfare Reform Act 2012 and was the very first MP in the House of Commons to speak out against key parts of the Act including the Under Occupancy Penalty (‘Bedroom Tax’) and Universal Credit.


Leader of Manchester Liberal Democrats Cllr John Leech said:

“You should only enter politics, elected or otherwise if you are dedicated to making people’s lives better. While the majority of Civil Servants are hard-working, in this case, there is clearly a minority of truly heartless and irresponsible managers who must be held accountable.
“I can’t imagine any scenario in which you should ever talk about anyone in this way, let alone some of the most vulnerable in our society.
“But is it really that surprising when Boris Johnson’s hateful Tory Government doesn't just tolerate, but actively promotes cruel language like this on a daily basis?
“Politics in this country needs to change. Lib Dems will always fight for a far kinder, more understanding and tolerant kind of politics.”

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