"Get tough with developers and make an example of Liveseys" - John Leech

Liberal Democrat Councillor John Leech has called on Manchester Council to make an example of housing developer Liveseys, who have repeatedly broken their planning commitments.

On a West Didsbury housing site, instead of guarding and protecting a number of trees, as per their planning condition, Liveseys chose to cut all but four down.

Mr Leech called on the council to come down hard on Liveseys, who were contracted to build on the Nell Lane Siemens site but have ignored a number of contractual planning conditions.
The city's sole opposition councillor, John Leech, said:

"This Council has let housing developers get away with too much and it's time they got tough and made an example of Liveseys, before they and other developers completely destroy our local environment.

"In this case, the Planning Department were warned by me and local residents, in January, that they had failed to fence off trees that were to be retained on the West Didsbury site off Nell Lane."

This is not the first time Liveseys have been in hot water over working and planning conditions.

In 2012 they pleaded guilty to breaches of health and safety at Didsbury Point. PJ Livesey Group, the principal contractor for the development, had obtained a diagram from National Grid during the planning stages of the project which showed a gas main running into the site.

However, the company did not arrange for a detailed survey to be carried out to find out where the pipe ran, and wrongly informed workers that the gas pipes had been decommissioned, resulting in a huge gas explosion at the site.

Mr Leech called for "maximum action against any developer who is flagrantly breaching their planning conditions."

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