£60 extra in your wages every month thanks to the Lib Dems

Last night's Party Political Broadcast talked about something I was really proud of in our 2010 manifesto; the Liberal Democrat pledge to raise the tax threshold to £10,000 to take the lowest earners out of tax altogether.

So far, 800,000 of the lower paid have been taken out of income tax and in April,  132,000 Manchester Income Tax payers will receive a tax cut of £326, thanks to this Lib Dem pledge making the coalition agreement.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD9LFKMLhhk]
 These plans will be happening by the end of this parliament in 2015. Our plans will save working people £700 a year –that’s an extra £60 in your wages every month. And more than 3.5million older and low-paid people will be freed from paying any income tax altogether.

This will be happening but I, along with many other Liberal Democrats, will be campaigning for this pledge to be brought forward in order to help hard-working families more quickly. If you agree with me, please sign this petition on the Downing Street Web Page.


 The latest Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings suggest that about 10% of people in the Manchester Withington constituency earn less than £9,768 per year. That means about 800 of the lowest earners will stop paying tax. Overall about 67% of part-time jobs done  in Manchester local authority area (around 56,000 jobs) pay less than the weekly equivalent of £10,000 a year.

When there are tough economic times, it is only right that the lowest paid get the most support.

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