£250 million boost to Christie's "proton beam" cancer therapy

Today's press is full of the excellent news that the government is funding Christie's ground breaking "proton beam" therapy. £250 million of government money is to be spend at two Centres of Excellence, in London and at the Christie, so this is a well deserved local boost of over £100million.

I lobbied ministers and hosted visiting Lib Dem ministers Paul Burstow and Norman Lamb at the Christie, and first blogged about the bid in September 2010

The ‘proton beam’ therapy targets cancerous growths more effectively without damaging the healthy tissue surrounding the tumour.  Experts have commented that the new treatment is particularly effective at treating cancer in children as it is able to target smaller areas of tissue than previous therapies have been. Experts have also stated that in addition to resulting in better recovery rates, the new treatment will result in fewer side effects.

This money will allow 1,500 cancer suffers to be treated here in the UK, rather than having to go to the USA or Switzerland.

I am happy that my lobbying, and that of local people, has worked.

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