£18m wiped from Manchester's highways budget despite roads being worst in over two decades

Botched plans mean Manchester Council will underspend on repairing the city's roads by nearly £18m, the Liberal Democrats have revealed today.

Manchester Council today announced the next phase of Manchester's highways investment but completely failed to admit that a lack of oversight means nearly £18m has been wiped from this year's spending.

Championing the investment, the council claims it will spend £4m repairing more than 14,000 potholes on roads and pavements in the city. But failure to keep contractors in line has meant that last year's work in now being delivered behind schedule and with the budget revised accordingly makes for a loss in road repairs of £17.6m.
Planning and Communities Spokesperson, Greg Stanton said: "Once again, the lack of transparency and oversight from Manchester Council has meant that local people will suffer as our roads don't get the investment they need.

"Countless people at our local advice sessions tell me that their car or bike has been seriously damaged by the dreadful state of our roads and cyclists in particular struggle to make it down roads without having to dangerously swerve deep potholes.

"This constant lack of scrutiny on private contractors is unacceptable and another example of why a Liberal Democrat opposition on this council is so vital."

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