8,263 reasons why Tuition fees are still wrong

My opposition to Tuition fees is well-known. I opposed Tuition Fees when Labour went back on a Manifesto pledge and introduced them at £3000; opposed them when both the Tories and Labour promised to implement the Browne Commission in their 2010 Manifestos; opposed them in the Commons when they were increased in December 2010 by this Government; and I oppose Labour's current policy of setting them at £6000.


Here was my speech in the House of Commons in December 2010 opposing the rise in fees.


Latest figures released today show that 94 of 122 universities (77%) will charge £9,000 for at least one of their courses, and 42 institutions (34%) will charge the maximum as standard.


On average, a student will be paying £8,263. To me that is £8,263 too much.

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