80 miles per hour on motorways. Show me evidence this won't increase accidents.

My views on Road Safety are fairly well-known.



Yesterday, I asked a question about plans to increase the speed limit on Motorways to 80 Mph. Had the Transport Secretary done any work to estimate the implications of increasing the speed limit on Motorways?

Oral Answers to Questions - Transport: Topical Questions (19 Apr 2012)


John Leech: Has the Secretary of State now calculated the cost associated with increasing the motorway speed limit to 80 mph and the increased number of casualties expected as a result of such a measure?

The Secretary of State said that an impact assessment would take place as part of the consultations. Why an impact assessment couldn't take place before the proposals were made in the first place answer came there none!

At Business questions, I followed up by asking for a debate in parliament.


John Leech: During Transport questions the Secretary of State confirmed that the Department has no idea of the cost of increasing the motorway speed limit and its impact on road casualties. Given that the Opposition have already come out in favour of a policy that will cost millions and cost lives, may we have a debate in the House on the financial implications and the cost in human life of an increase...

Now, perhaps the Labour front benches are happy to change the limit. And perhaps so are Transport ministers. That does not make it right. I will not be voting for any change unless I can see clear evidence that the increase in the speed limit does not adversely affect road safety, or increase pollution.

Show me the evidence......


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