70% of Sub-Post Offices Losing Business

Having seen the Labour Government close several post offices in the constituency, (while Manchester Labour pretended to support keeping them open locally), I joined the All Party Post Office Parliamentary Group to support my local post offices.

This afternoon I attended a meeting of the APPG. Peter Luff MP, Chairman of the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee, addressed the group on the recommendations of the committee's recent report Post Offices - Securing their future . This was followed by an update from the National Federation of SubPostmasters. It was alarming to hear from them that 70% of sub-post offices have seen a continued drop in income, which threatens their future viability.

The Labour Government had argued that closures were necessary to ensure the viability of the remaining post offices, but there is more evidence to suggest that people simply use the Post Office less, or access post office services in a different way.  Labour simply cannot be trusted to protect our post offices.

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