10 Minute Rule Bill: Deadline extended to end of Saturday

There is an article in today's South Manchester Reporter about the 10 minute rule bill. I have agreed to extended the deadline to saturday to allow their readers to make suggestions too. 

We've had over a dozen suggestions so far .  Some have been ruled out because they are financial in nature. Those left include,

* Changing the opt in to organ transplants to opt out

* Restricting interest rates on payday loans

* Support Sustrans "Free Range Kids" campaign.

* Reducing the drink drive limit

*Introducing regular eye tests for drivers

* Close loophole in the law which allows cars to having their mileage changed.

* Introduce "talking buses" for blind/visually impaired

I am going to make a decision on Sunday, and then get the paperwork done and in on Monday

Suggestions can be made by using the link here.

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